Weight Loss : Spot Discount Delusion or Reality ?

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Myth or truth about weight loss

Hi Guys,

How is your work progressing from home? I feel super lazy, but I have a lot of work with cards! Why do we only feel sleepy when we have a lot to do? This reminds me that I felt that sleeping was the best activity in a person's life, especially during exams, LOL: P.

This post is for all of my dear readers who wrote about emails and Facebook messages. Some of the requests I receive are:

"How to reduce belly fat?"

"My arms are limp and I have fat near my armpits. How to reduce? "

"I have big hips and thighs. Please suggest a few exercises to “

… and the list goes on!

These queries fall under "Spot Reduction". Stain reduction means targeted fat loss and has been discussed for several decades.

Spot reduction myth or truth?

Some people say I've lost space from xyz! Therefore, they believe that it is possible to lose part of a particular part of the body. We have different body shapes like apple or pear. When we are heavy, this body shape is not seen. When we lose weight, the body shape shows up. People think they lost from a certain area, but that's not true!

There are now machines that target the outer thigh, inner thigh, upper abs, lower abs, upper arms, etc.! I call these machines fiction;).

In a study to find out whether spot reduction myth or truth, fat deposits in the arms of high-ranking tennis players were compared. Investigators indicated that a tennis player's game arm should be less fat than the inactive arm if stain reduction had worked. This prediction was not true!

There is nothing called spot reduction. Weight loss or fat loss depends on genetics, gender (hormones) and age. If all body fat is reduced, you will lose fat in a certain area. Exercises that target a specific region do NOT cause fat loss in that specific region of the body. For example, excessive abdominal training does NOT lead to preferred fat loss in the abdominal area. I do not dispute the fact that abdominal exercises will help you build muscle. But abdominal exercises ALONE will not help you achieve a flat stomach. Therefore fat loss is not site specific.

Even if you lose fat from part of your body, your body balances the fat content. Spot reduction is therefore a myth.

Yes, every body has its own way of losing or gaining fat. Generally, the first area that becomes fat, or the last area that becomes slim, is the midsection (for most men and some women) or hips and thighs (for most women and some men). I win first on my face, followed by belly and arms 😛, but I never denied being an exception: P.

So my friends, now you know if spot reduction myth or truth!

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