This Vegan Mac And Cheese Is Full Of Gooey, Creamy Deliciousness

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This vegan mac and cheese is full of sticky, creamy delicacies

Nutritional yeast and cashew nuts are the secret ingredients.

Becca Miller and Kate Merker |

July 17, 2020

Vegan mac and cheese

Photo by Chelsea Kyle

If you've started eating a plant-based diet, you'll likely have a craving or two to comfort yourself with non-vegan dishes. Perhaps you are hungry for your mother's classic Mac and cheese with its super creamy sauce, funky, cheesy taste and crispy breadcrumbs. But … that's not exactly vegan-friendly. Enter: The vegan response of the women's health test kitchen to these nostalgic staple foods with the same luxurious taste and texture, without the cheese.

A combination of garlic, mustard powder, cayenne pepper and nooch (a.k.a. the almighty nutritional yeast) creates an epic cheese taste that can keep up with any pasta bake filled with cheddar cheese. And the rich sauce gets its ultra-creamy texture from cooked and mixed cashew nuts.

This vegan Mac perfectly combines creamy sauce and a crispy topping with the addition of olive oil-roasted Panko breadcrumbs and parsley for added freshness. Trust you won't miss a bite of Mac and cheese from your childhood.


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