Ten Outside Actions That Will Burn Energy This Summer season

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Summer is finally here and there is no better time to get out and get active. Warm weather, exotic locations and non-working times offer the opportunity to burn calories while having fun. Even on vacation, a swim in the pool or a walk on the beach burns calories much more often than at your desk. Wherever you are this summer, you can also burn calories.

With lots of team sports at the peak of their season and lots of great attractions and events to visit, we feel more active wherever we live in summer.

Here are some of the best outdoor activities to help you burn calories this summer:

  1. Take a bike tour. Take your bike out of the garage and drive off. Even a gentle round with the family can burn up to 50 calories in just seven minutes, making an afternoon of riding the perfect summer fun activity for the whole family.
  2. Work in the garden. While this doesn't sound particularly sporty, pulling weeds, mowing the lawn, and other general gardening work burns more calories than you think. Just ten minutes of gardening can burn up to 50 calories, and you also get a beautiful garden.
  3. To go swimming. The coolest and most relaxing way to spend the summer dog days. Swimming trains all the muscle groups in your body and is the perfect way to exercise when it's too hot to do anything else. Mix up your punches or even try a little water aerobics if you want to speed up your workout. Swimming burns tons of calories and also keeps you cool.
  4. Play a round of golf. Beautiful greens on hot, sunny days are a wonderful place. Golf offers a gentle workout for legs and arms and is also a great way to focus the mind. You can also boost your brain power while burning calories by investing in it An effective supplement such as nootropics to improve body and mind.
  5. To go for a walk. Whether you're just taking a slow walk after dinner or taking the family for a longer walk, a walk together on a warm evening not only burns calories, it can also aid digestion, lighten your mood, and help you sleep.
  6. To go shopping. Time for a new summer wardrobe? Pounding the patch into and out of shops and changing rooms burns more calories than you might think at first. 20 minutes of hardcore shopping can burn up to 50 calories. Get fit and get new clothes at the same time!
  7. Play beachvolleyball. High octane fun on the beach burns many calories. Passing, hitting and generally jumping around in the sand affects almost every part of your body. Take it easy and if you are not a professional, remember to drink plenty of water.
  8. Go hiking. A hiking day is a great activity for the whole family. A good, even walk at a pace that matches your fitness level will burn calories on the go. You can also enjoy the landscape and enjoy the weather.
  9. Sightseeing. When you visit a new city, go outside and see what it has to offer. Walking streets in the city can burn more calories than you think if you explore miles of urban icons.
  10. Go surfing. A bit like swimming, surfing affects every muscle in your body and is great for filling up and burning calories at the same time. It is also a real test of your stamina and can help focus the mind. A good surf session can burn up to 185 calories while having fun in the water and in the sun.

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