Path Operating Suggestions for Staying Hydrated within the Warmth

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Trail Running Tips for Staying Hydrated in the Heat

Before the run

Time it up. “If you do trail runs early in the morning, you won't be well hydrated at the start. It's almost impossible, ”says Griffin. "So plan to drink fluids during the run, or focus on rehydration when you return from the run."

You do you "There's really no foolproof formula for how much to drink before starting a run," says Griffin. "It really depends on the athlete."

Age and athletic skills play a role, but also specific training – how long and hard you want to run – as well as weather conditions, temperature and vertical gain. Finding your personal harmony in hydration requires some trial and error.

Enjoy a cup of Joe. You won't dry out coffee and tea, so Griffin says it's okay to stick to this morning ritual before a trail run. "Although I would still recommend getting into some clear water," she warns. Remember to drink at least two glasses of lemon water before this first cup of Joe.

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