Meet the Heroes Preventing on the Entrance Traces In opposition to Covid-19

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Meet the Heroes Fighting on the Front Lines Against Covid-19

Producers / directors Samantha Stark, Alexandra Garcia, John Pappas and Lora Moftah

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When the first Covid 19 patients showed up in the New York emergency room, the doctors and nurses at the front were determined. After months of fighting the early attack of the corona virus – often without adequate protection and support – they were confused, scared and exhausted.

At the height of the city's coronavirus crisis, the New York Times gave cameras to health workers and asked them to keep video diaries of their lives while caring for their patients, families, and themselves. Her stories serve as a warning to other parts of the country where coronavirus cases are increasing.

"Once you see what we see and experience, it's hard not to feel anxious or upset," said Dr. Saleena Subaiya, an epidemiologist who works in emergency medicine at NYU Langone Medical Center. Dr. Subaiya and her colleagues in New York hospitals faced an apparently endless stream of desperately ill patients, one worse off than the other.

"Death is everywhere," said Dr. Sameer Khanijo, who works in lung and intensive care medicine at Northwell Health. “We do our best to fight it. We do our best to prevent this from happening. But we are having a hard time right now. "

Their fight against the virus was made more difficult and more dangerous by lack of protective equipment and conflicting instructions from public health officials. Many healthcare workers fell ill, and the intransigence of the virus made even the most confident professional doubt about their education and themselves.

Editor-in-chief Liz Day
camera operator Jaron Berman
Video editors Geoff O & # 39; Brien, Marlon Singleton and Pierre Takal
Associated producer Wesley Harris

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