Medical Exams For Weight Acquire ; A complete checklist

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Medical Tests For Weight Gain ; A comprehensive list

Hello ladies, are you gaining weight while working from home during Covid-19? If so, this will help you figure things out, especially if you have time to think about yourself these days.

Here is a list of tests you should do if you suddenly experience them Weight gain. For detailed reasons for a sudden weight gain, please read my post here.

Medical tests for weight gain

  • Complete hemogram – For a complete blood count, since women with iron deficiency generally have a low energy level. They also have low levels of activity that lead to a sudden weight gain. It is also a therapy for increasing serum ferritin that is associated with weight gain.
  • Iron / Transferin / Transferrin saturation% – With anemia. Please read details here.
  • Lipid profile test – Checks good and bad cholesterol levels
  • Liver function test – For the condition of the liver
  • Kidney profile test (Blood urea nitrogen / creatinine / electrolytes / calcium)
  • Blood testosterone – Please read details here. If the testosterone is high, a PCOS profiling is done to check PCOS.
  • Thyroid function – This measures the T3, T4 and TSH values
  • Urogram (Microalbumin / creatinine / albumin) – For the condition of the kidneys
  • Glycosylated Hemoglobin (HbA1c) – For the isolation level that is directly related to diabetes
  • Fasting blood sugar – With diabetes
  • Complete urine analysis report (Glucose / bilirubin / ketone / protein / uribilinogen / leukocytes)

All of the above tests are blood tests except the last one. These tests cover all possible malfunctions that can lead to weight gain. The approximate cost of these tests is Rs 7000-8000. I have been told that these tests should be done within a period of 6-8 months. However, you can only do one specific test that has resulted in abnormal results in 6 months and the rest once a year.

By the way, I do the same with blood tests 😛

Medical tests for weight gain

Please get them Medical tests for weight gain done if you gain or cannot lose weight despite your best efforts, even if you have no medical history.

Stay at home, take care of yourself and stay safe!

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