Love Thy Physique Love Thyself

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Love your body love yourself

Love your body love yourself (repost)

Ps. This is another beautifully written inspirational post from 2014, and I'm reposting it because while we help people lose weight and stay healthy, we firmly believe in the basics of self-acceptance. In this old post, Tarun talks about self-acceptance and unconditional self-love.

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I know every girl's dream is to eat but not get fat 🙂! I know that every girl wants to get thin or fit or slim, depending on how she looks beautiful, charming … ohhh, her head is spinning!

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Sometimes when a girl is overweight she becomes demotivated on the path to weight loss. She stops exercising and starts eating trash. You'd think it would happen when it fails! Not really.

When I talk about myself, even though I've lost a few pounds, I'm still overweight and this feeling of negativity comes over me every month or so. I know my weight loss would be a long way off and I know that I have achieved and can do a lot! Still, I am sad sometimes. When I'm sad, stress takes its toll … my eating routine and discipline, which I've built myself through so much hard work, is a toss! What do i do then? I used to run for pasta or pizza!

What do I do now ? I have learned to reward my gradual progress with small prizes 😛. I don't get frustrated this way. When I lose 1-2 kg, I tell myself oooh, I look so good! You call it self-obsession? Maybe you are right! I love myself … the way I am. I want to get fitter and better physically, mentally and emotionally every day of my life, there is no doubt about that! Every day should see a better version of me. But the passion to get better doesn't stop me from loving myself.

If I notice a small loss of weight or inches, I put the scales back into position and jump on my bed 😛. I go into the living room and enjoy taking care of myself. The thought of a facial and a massage makes me desperate 😀!

Before buying a dress, I always thought, let me wait a while and take something off. Now I am not making this mistake. If the dress fits me and I know I can wear it for a while longer, I'll buy it without hesitation! When I get to my ideal weight I WANT to see the trail of all the oversized clothes that I wouldn't need anymore, yeah!

I wrote this post because someone told me she hates herself! She said she was obese and hated the way she looked. But I know she won't do anything about it. I was a little depressed about this conversation!

So I would like to take this opportunity to say: Ladies, you are beautiful the way you are. Nobody can be better than you to be you! If you need improvement in any way, work hard for it, but never hate yourself. If you don't love yourself, no one else would! Be your darling! Kareena's famous dialogue – Main Meri's favorite hoon .. is my secret to staying happy!

Love your body love yourself "width =" 500 "height =" 461To be beautiful means to be yourself and self-acceptance is the key word.

I love your body, love yourself 🙂! What about you ?

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