Is Air Conditioning Unhealthy For Your Well being?

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Is Air Conditioning Bad For Your Health?

Do you like it when your home air conditioner is set to the minimum temperature?
Is your office air conditioner too much for you?

If the answer is positive, I have to say that you are facing several health disasters. Yes, the truth is Air conditioning bad for your health. Let me now tell you that when the world suffers from coronavirus, air conditioners are seen as the effective weapons that pose health risks. An office with central air conditioning can be the virus carrier and distributor. Therefore, central air conditioning is not allowed in most places. But the fact remains that there are people who hardly care and keep the temperature at the lowest level.

Let me tell you how detrimental air conditioning can be to you in the real sense.

How bad air conditioning is for you

You may have a headache

Just like mentioned above, people who work in offices where the temperature is consistently low are likely to have a headache. You may also feel tired and easily catch a cold, cough, or flu.

When air conditioners soak up humidity, they lead to dry and flaky skin. Too big a problem for the ladies! You just can't avoid it! So if you spend a lot of time in the air conditioner, drink plenty of water and moisturize your skin daily.

Chronic diseases can get worse

If you have a chronic illness, the conditioner will make it worse. The air conditioning exacerbates diseases such as low blood pressure, asthma and arthritis. It can also make treatment of the pain more difficult.

Lower heat tolerance

People who spend long hours in air-conditioned rooms have less heat tolerance. This is because your body cannot adapt to higher temperatures after spending most of its day at lower temperatures. This type of intolerance can cause inconvenience to people who are in warm climates because they will eventually have to come out of the air-conditioned cave and endure the heat.

Can cause breathing problems

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Over time, air conditioners collect dust and mold. Since they are not cleaned very often, they circulate dust and mold in the room. This can worsen allergies and cause multiple breathing problems. Air conditioners also circulate other airborne diseases. They spread the pathogens and simultaneously infect many people. If someone in your office suffers from a cold, there is a possibility that you too will soon notice it, since the same air circulates. This is a more important reason to keep air conditioners closed in the offices during Covid-19

Noise pollution

Although most of the latest models are completely noiseless, there are ACs that can give anything between a quiet hum and a rattling noise (window ACs: P). This noise amplifies the noise in the room, which can cause a kind of noise pollution that lowers human productivity during the day and inhibits sleep at night.

Can cause eye problems

The dry air has an effect on the skin, but it is not gentle on your eyes either. You may experience itching and irritation. If you wear contact lenses, they will become dry and stick to your eyes. Problems such as conjunctivitis and other eye infections can be exacerbated by AC.

What should I do?

  • Quit your job just because the air conditioner worries you … lol just kidding 😛
  • Wear clothes that keep you warm. Try to layer your clothes.
  • Request that the ACs be cleaned regularly.
  • If it's your air conditioner at home, be sure to keep it dust and mold free.
  • Visit your ophthalmologist if your contact lens is a problem due to the dry environment.

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