“I Misplaced 34 Kilos By Sticking To A Low-Carb Consuming Plan”

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"I Lost 34 Kilos By Sticking To A Low-Carb Eating Plan"

Sometimes everything you need is a little challenge to get you up and running. Just ask Mmathabo Nkuna. When a Facebook post prompted her to join a weight loss challenge at work, the 31-year-old had to suspect that this would lead to life-changing results. Here is her story.

Mmathabo Nkuna

occupation: Exam Advisor

Age: 31

city: Cape Town

Weight before: 93 kg

Weight after: 59 kg

height: 152 cm

The time it takes to reach the current weightt: About 3 years and 6 months

The secret weapon for your weight loss: Great nutrition plan and great fitness colleagues.

The profit

Mmathabo says that she gained weight for the first time when she came to university. “To be honest, I just let go of the university, go out with friends, do little or no training, eat campus dishes to take away. I haven't paid attention to nutrition and my general wellbeing, ”she says. She adds that it got worse when she started working because she liked to eat out with family and friends. “(I ate) burgers with fries and ice cream for dessert. Butter chicken and garlic Naan were a favorite, I love Indian food, ”she explains.

The change

In 2015, a Facebook post prompted Mmathabo to change their eating habits. "I saw photos of my friend's birthday party. And I looked years older than my colleagues just because of my weight. I just wanted to look my age and feel comfortable in my skin," she says. The same year she took away her work colleagues on a weight loss challenge, and since then things have never been the same.

The lifestyle

Mmathabo adopted an edgy (high-fat, low-carbohydrate) lifestyle, but realized after a year that it was unsustainable. Then she started seeing a nutritionist, which she thought made the difference: “Meeting with my nutritionist was my pioneer, learning nutrition and reading food labels helped a lot. Knowledge is power."

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When it comes to physical activity, she started doing everything. “I joined a hiking club and registered as a committee member for the Office Running Club. If there was a group sport activity, you could count me, ”she exclaims.

At the time of the challenge, Mmathabo was training three times a week and since then, as her fitness increased, her training program. “I now train five days a week and combine high-intensity interval training, gravity pilates, suspension yoga, boxing, Vinyasa, running and strength training. My body loves change and benefits from new movements, ”she says.

The results

While Mmathabo admits that losing weight was not easy and took a long time to reach her goals, she is proud of her progress. “It takes time, three words that women don't like to hear. Being patient and consistent has helped me over the years, ”she says.

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Her patience has allowed her to feel better than she has in years. "I remember posting pictures of a girl's trip to Zanzibar last year. All my friends and family were so polite about my progress. For me there is nothing better than popping your summer body on a tropical island These comments made me blush for weeks, "she explains.

Mmathabo admits that her goal was to look "good" when she started. Since then it has been more than the physical. "Now it's more about feeling good. I've traveled from being obsessed with my weight and size to a mental state of gratitude. I accept my body, I love it and I treat it well."

Mmathabo's key to their success

  • Don't drink your calories: "Years ago I cut out carbonated drinks and fruit juices and never looked back. Sparkling water is my summer companion, along with sugar-free tonic for my G & Ts. I also replaced oats, smoothies and coffee with cow's milk with almond and oat milk."
  • Go meat free: “Meat-free days are my salvation, especially on training days and after training. My body is recovering much better. A work colleague convinced me to see Game Changers on Netflix. Trust me, you will never see meat like this. I still eat meat, mostly chicken and fish, but I don't eat a lot of red meat. I'm not the biggest fan of it. I can live without meat for months. It slows down my metabolism ”.
  • Goodies are okay: "I don't believe in a day (cheating days). I would rather treat myself than cheating myself. So I spread my goodies over the week. I reward myself for my hard work. I am also strategic with goodies like dark ones Chocolate, popcorn and hummus with low carb crackers. I limit my alcohol consumption to two units a week and increase my water intake while drinking. I am fondly known as the girl with two drinks in my circle of friends, wine in one hand and water in the other. "

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