“I Misplaced 14 Kilos in Simply four Months with this On-line Coaching Programme”

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"I Lost 14 Kilos in Just 4 Months with this Online Training Programme"

After being stressed and anxious after a tragic accident, Helen Bowes decided that it was time to take extra care of herself. With the help of an online training program, expert guidance and determination, the 55-year-old grandmother of two children lost 14 kg in just four months. That's how she did it

Helen Bowes

occupation: Practice manager

Age: 55

city: Cape Town

Weight before: 79 kg

Weight after: 65 kg

height: 1.5 m

The time it takes to reach the current weight: 4 months

The secret weapon to your weight loss: Discipline

The profit

Like many of us, Helen says that obesity has increased after years of eating and drinking alcohol. Although she cycled a lot, her eating habits prevented her from having the body she wanted.

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The change

After a tragic accident in which her house burned down, Helen rented a place every night and went out to eat. Understandably, her situation caused a lot of stress and took her toll on her. "After our insurance company rejected our claim to our house fire, I went through a lot of stress and decided that it was time to focus on myself," she says. She started doing the JEFF program, which she says gave her the much needed change she was looking for.

The lifestyle

“My new diet included smaller portions of healthy foods like carbohydrates and protein, as well as lots of vegetables and lettuce. Three balanced meals a day plus two snacks, ”explains Helen. She also increased her water intake and was only allowed to drink alcohol on weekends. The JEFF program also had Helen bring most of her training days to the gym. The program was tailored to their needs. To facilitate weight loss, Helen completed a combination of cardio and full body workouts. “Every week these training programs changed and became more difficult as I got stronger. I also cycled twice a week, ”she says. To hold Helen accountable, her trainer Johno contacted her every day to see how she deals with her eating and exercise habits. She adds that this made all the difference as she became more aware of her eating habits.

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The results

Helen admits she was quite surprised when the weight dropped – something she says she could never have done on her own. “I was very disciplined in my program, both in terms of nutrition and training. It was easy to follow, the trainers were very interactive via WhatsApp and email, a lot of encouragement, so overall I found it very easy, ”says Helen. She adds that the weight has decreased, her energy has increased and she has finally been able to enjoy a good night's sleep. "I lost almost 15 kg, lost a size and felt like my youthful self! It is a big boost, especially when you are 55 and a grandmother of two," she exclaims.

Helen's tips

  • Don't let age stop you: "Don't fall into the trap of thinking that because you are over 50 you should accept additional weight. You don't have to, you can restart your metabolism and put on your skinny jeans again."
  • Get advice from experts: "Joining JEFF was [simply] the best thing I've done for myself in years".
  • You can't overdo poor nutrition: "Limit alcohol to just a day or so a week and eat healthy foods – try to cook from scratch, then you'll know what you're eating."

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