How To Train Your Mind : Suggestions

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How to train your brain

Hello everyone,

We all do a lot of physical exercise, be it yoga, pilates, or kickboxing. But do you feel that there is something on your body that also needs some exercise? Yeah, I'm talking about the brain. Let me throw some light on the human brain:

The human brain is made up of nerve cells called neurons. Cells are connected to synapses that are used to transmit information between cells. Over the years, brain cells die and the transmission of information slows down. But there is a way to keep your brain healthy and that is through exercise. Yes, you read that right! Exercising the brain triggers pleasure chemicals like serotonin and dopamine, which make us calm, happy, and euphoric.

What did you do for mental fitness? You can't get anything out of the way, right? No problem, you can always start over. The main thing is to break the monotony and the mechanical element in life. Here are some exercises (if I may name them) that will be beneficial for your brain:

How to train your brain

  • Brush your teeth or dial the phone with your non-dominant hand. It has been known to strengthen the pathways on the opposite side of your brain. By changing hands, the brain learns a new skill. You may even feel like you are doing the job for the first time.
  • The first thing in the morning before you get out of bed, wiggle your toes. This activates nerves that stimulate the brain and internal organs.
  • Do your daily activities with your eyes closed. For example, while bathing, close your eyes and feel the soap or reach for the towel. (Be careful not to slip and fall as your eyes are closed 🙂)
  • You can also combine two senses like listening to music and smelling flowers.
  • Try to change your place at the breakfast table.
  • Most people see but don't observe. So start becoming more and more aware of things around you. Like the furnishing of your room or maybe your car checks.
  • Use your non-dominant hand on your laptop or tabletop. Try changing the wallpaper paper.
  • Learn a new language
  • Focus on food smells.
  • Try different cuisines and something completely different from what you normally eat.
  • Try to take a different route every time you dive to work.
  • Meet new people and try to remember their names.
  • Find time to play sudoku (a puzzle) that will help increase mental acuity. Playind chess is also very exciting mentally.
  • Reading is a very important part of exercising the brain. Anything that makes the brain think can be done. Don't watch too much TV as it is not good for the brain. It puts the brain in neutral mode.

What about exercise??

Yes, it is also good for improving brain function. As early men, we did a lot of physical exercise in the name of daily activities. Walking was a means of transportation. Hence, it is important that we walk every day as it increases blood flow and the oxygen and glucose that reach the brain.

Hope you found this article helpful. Watch out!!

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