How To Management Carbs And Lose Weight Throughout Navratri?

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How To Control Carbs And Lose Weight During Navratri?

How to Control Carbohydrates and Lose Weight During Navratri

fruit yoghurtThe winters are coming and most of them realize that we have gained a lot. Then comes Navratri and we decide to make it up to you. Most Hindus prepare to fast Navratri for these nine days, not only for religious reasons, but also to shed a few pounds. The irony is that after the nine day festival, most of us find that instead of losing weight, we've gained a few pounds. Aah !! What a terrible feeling it is. Weight gain becomes a trap and we feel like we can never get out. We fret about our weight, but have we ever thought about how many carbohydrates we consumed each day for those nine days, all in the name of special Navratri Vrat foods?

Lose weight during Navratri

Leave the carbs behind with simple hacks

Let's see what we eat during the Navratri fast and prepare to get fat, like real FAT.


Lose weight during NavratriCome on Navratri and the humble potato will be king of the market. It is the most common food used during fasting. Do you know that a medium-sized potato has about 100 kcal, and then how many potatoes do we have a day…. Let's remember … Aaloo Bhartha, Aaloo Kachori, Aaloo Halwa, Aaloo Sago, Aaloo Tamatar Sabzi and yes, not to forget this spicy Aaloo Ka Raita. The list is endless. Then we fry potatoes for snacks in between and we call it "falaahar". Seriously!! Why do you commit suicide?


Have sauteed vegetables and cucumber raita in place of potatoes in everything. Why not pumpkin or lauki, which are low-carb vegetables?

Sago / Sabudana

Sago VadaThese staples during the Navratri fast are just simple and pure carbohydrates. A portion of 50 g means 175 kcal. Sago is a high glycemic index food that must be avoided at all costs, although most of us are waiting for Navratri Sabudana to enjoy Khichdi and Sago Vada.


If you must have sago, add some soaked sago in diluted milk to make kheer with stevia, or add a spoonful of semi-cooked saabudana to diluted cottage cheese to make sago raita.

Rajgiri / Amaranth / Chaulai / Ramdana

navratri chaulai laddooAmaranth is high in carbohydrates, but otherwise a good source of protein. It is an excellent cereal option to consume during Navratri. It is high in protein, fiber, and various minerals and vitamins. But please avoid adding sugar and gur to make chaulai laddoo.


Make amaranth kheer or add vegetables to make dalia or upma.

sweet potato

Fruit chaatSweet potatoes are high in carbohydrates but have a low glycemic index. It's also high in fiber and vitamin A. One large sweet potato provides 162 kcal. Avoid making shakarkandi halwa to control both carbohydrates and calories.


Add a few cubes to your salads or fruit chaat. It will boost your energy levels well and keep you going for all the Navratri days.

Kuttu (buckwheat) ground

Control Carbohydrates and Lose Weight During NavratriKuttu ka atta, the favorite of the fasting people, is 75% carbohydrates and 25% high quality protein. It's also a good source of fiber, magnesium, iron, vitamin B, and calcium. But a driver is here, it's good food only if you keep it fat free.


Instead of having fried kuttu puris, kachories or pakoras, try making kuttu cheela or chapatti with added spinach.

Samak (Vrat ka Chawal)

Samak rice

100 g of samak or swank rice provide 170 calories with a lot of carbohydrates. Better to have in small quantities.


Use samak rice as a vegetable upma, dalia, idli, dosa, or pulao with added veggies to keep carbohydrate levels low and fiber high. Make kheer without sugar and add in either stevia or a few almonds, dates, and raisins for the much needed sweetness. You can add some samak with kuttu flour to make roti.

So, these are some commonly used high carbohydrate foods during the Navratri fast. Eat them, but use your wisdom and remember never to confuse carbohydrates with fats. If you do, you are guilty of attempting suicide; serious, excessive carbohydrate use will not kill you.

Stay healthy and stay alive.

Do you think you can control carbohydrates and Lose Weight During Navratri?

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