How To Keep away from Weight Achieve Throughout Work

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How To Avoid Weight Gain During Work

Hi everyone, some of you must have gone back to the office after a long week. Not all of us lost weight during the lockdown, although some certainly did a great job. With the offices reopening, weight gain will again be a major problem for most of us.

Gaining weight at work is very common, especially in today's world where everything is computerized and our work requires us to sit in front of the screen for 8 to 10 hours. And sometimes the work gets so hectic that it puts a strain on our health and many of us gain weight. Even I'm one of you, but what should I do then? we can't just quit our jobs and run properly 🙂. The workplace often leads to overeating, especially on days when we are so stressed with work and employee birthday parties. And also due to the inactivity of the job.

How to avoid gaining weight while working

How to avoid gaining weight while working

Don't stop moving

To avoid gaining weight while working, keep moving

Light activity is still possible during work. And it also helps with stiffness and sore muscles caused by sitting in a single position all day. Australian researchers found that people who sit at their desks for more than six hours a day are almost twice as likely to be overweight as people who sit for less than 45 minutes a day. Sitting all the time is a silent killer. Whenever possible, walk around the office and take the stairs. You can always walk during this lunch break 🙂

Beware of emotional eating

How to Avoid Gaining Weight While Working Emotional Eating

Work can be fun as well as stressful and challenging, and often we eat not because we are hungry but because of the stress. We all suffer from it at some point. Instead of eating emotionally, try other options like listening to nice music, talking to a friend or eating something healthy instead of sugary or junk food like an apple, etc.

Plan and bring your food

How to Avoid Gaining Weight While Working Meal Planning

Plan your meal in advance and always bring it with you. There are days when we don't plan ahead and end up eating fast food. Fast food is the first choice for lunch for many professionals simply because time constraints make it the quickest and most convenient option. While it may take a little more effort, packing your own lunch can offer huge payoffs. This way you will use fewer calories.

Drink plenty of water

To avoid gaining weight while working drink water

Sometimes we don't drink enough water due to work pressure. Drinking enough water will not only keep you hydrated, but also keep you away from coffee and soda, prevent you from eating more and reduce fatigue.

Get a lot of rest

We crave foods high in sugar and carbohydrates when we need a boost of energy. Maybe you long for it because you are tired and not getting enough sleep. Getting enough sleep will help avoid these cravings during the day, and an added bonus will help the body burn more calories 🙂

Trying out these simple tips works very well. Don't let your desk job be the cause of your weight gain.

This will prevent you from gaining weight while you are asleep

Watch out.

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