How To Do Deadlift : The Final Information

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how to deadlift

What’s a deadlift?

In Short, Lifting the weights and keeping them down again is a deadlift. Deadlifting helps you to gain strong muscles and bones and thus builds overall strength. 

But, a deadlift is not just bending down, pulling the weight up and keeping it again. It is more than that. Deadlifting is a good check for the stability of the body. For a perfect deadlift, you require a lot. A strong core is an inevitable requirement apart from strong shoulders. Don’t forget the strong legs.

Muscular and strong legs build the foundation for any sore of a deadlift. They provide the utmost balance and stability while lifting. Stability allows you to focus the required muscle and make the lift as effective as possible. A strong back is also important as it provides resistance against spinal injuries. 

The other requirement is the minute details that one needs to take care of while deadlifting if you have it all. We have it all covered because a flawless way to perform a deadlift is the key to your muscular goals. There are a few must-try variants of a deadlift that focus the muscles differently.

Continue reading this excellent guide to make your deadlift the most effective one. We have also mentioned the variants and tips to follow to avoid injuries. 

How To Deadlift The Right Way?

  1. Stand shoulder-width apart with half-foot under the barbell.
  2. Bend over and grab the bar with a shoulder-width grip
  3. Keep the back straight and grab the bar by bending the knees.
  4. Grab in such a way that the palms are facing back.
  5. Raise your chest and straighten your hip and knees to stand without bending your back at all.
  6. raise until you are standing straight and holding the barbell in straight hands.
  7. Breathe, hold it, and stand with the weights until you can.
  8. When you want to keep the weight down. Bend the hips and the knees without bending the back.
  9. Bend till the barbell touches the ground.
  10. Release your grip and stand up. Take a deep breath. It’s done.


  • Keep your foot under the barbell. and point your feet 15 degrees outwards to make the position comfortable.
  • Palms should face backwards while grabbing the barbell.
  • Bend the knees and the hips but not the back. Bending the back and then lifting the weight can lead to severe spinal injuries that take a long time.
  • Barbell should be in contact with the legs throughout while lifting and standing.
  • When you acquire the highest posture, stand up with stability and lock the knees and the hips.
  • Keep the core engaged while holding the weight up.

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