Chocolate Almond Swirl Cake

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Chocolate Almond Swirl Cake

Buckle up! I will meet all current bean recipes with a birthday cake. This week was Wayne's birthday and I felt like a special cake was fine. I wanted to do something that looked classic from the outside, with a surprise when you cut into it. I also wanted to combine all the flavors he loves – chocolate, olive oil, almond and a good kiss of salt to balance out the sweetness. He always shows me photos of crazy cakes, so I thought it would be fun to bake him some kind of a vortex cake.

The Swirl Cake Game Plan

Vertebrae cake, zebra cake and tiger cake have all three main components: the basic cake, the vortex and the frosting or the glaze. For this version, I made an incredibly moist and fragrant olive oil cake that can be used for the base and swirl. It's a yogurt favorite that helps keep things tender. The spicy note of the yogurt also balances the sweetness well. And then there's the frosting. The icing here is classic chocolate butter cream, padded with a whole tablespoon of almond extract. On the swirl front I made two versions to see which one I liked better – one that I imagined with a pink dragon fruit or raspberry strudel (I had such high hopes !!) and another with classic chocolate.
Chocolate Almond Swirl Cake

How to assemble a vortex cake

This is what a vortex cake (top) looks like straight out of the oven. If you cut into it, you will get nice stripes and swirls depending on how you layer or swirl the dough. For a cake like this, I use a ratio of about 2 parts of yellow cake batter to 1 part of chocolate cake batter. You make 2 large spoons of dough in the middle porthole of your prepared cake tin and then put a spoon of chocolate on it. Repeat until all of the dough has disappeared. Always place the dough on the porthole.Chocolate Almond Swirl Cake Recipe

The frosting

Before we go into the details, we just want to remind you to let your cake cool completely before trying to frost it. And before you mix your butter cream, make sure that your butter cream has a nice, mild room temperature. Not too warm, not too cold. You want it to be nice and billowing. If your kitchen is too warm and your butter looks a bit sweaty when mixed (or really at any time). Just give it a few minutes in the fridge.Chocolate Almond Swirl Cake

To get this shape, cut a square cake in half and stack it.

A delicious mistake

You can see some in-process shots (below) of the dragon fruit puree version of the vertebrate cake. Do you know these smoothie packages? I mashed one of them. And it looked incredibly promising while baking. The disappointment came when you cut the cake. If you expected bold stripes, no dice. But if you were expecting a really delicious cake, we are still in business. If you want to create this version, do so for the taste, not the appearance. Mix 1/4 cup of the puree with about half of the yellow cake batter and skip the cocoa.
Chocolate Almond Swirl Cake

Before baking (top), after baking (bottom).
Chocolate Almond Swirl Cake

Wirbelkuchen are a lot of fun. And you can mess around with all the different ingredients of your cake if you have another frosting that you like, a favorite recipe for the basic cake or even the shape.

Or if strudel cake is not your thing, but you still want to prepare something sweet and tasty, try these brownies, this Devil & # 39; s Food Cake, this popular chocolate cake, or leave the cake out entirely and mix some berry strudel ice cream .

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