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Wall press

Are you embarrassed by the sizes of your breasts? Do you feel that they're too big? Does the size of your breasts keep you from wearing certain clothes? There are certain ways to reduce the size of your breasts. However, it is not direct. The breast size cannot actually be reduced. The only method is to do exercises that help reduce body fat, which also affects the breasts and reduces their size. This is because 80% of the breast is fat. As a result, a reduction in fat content affects the size of the breasts. These exercises also improve the shape of the cups and decrease the sagging of the chest (1).

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To better understand this, these exercises will build a shaped muscle under the cups, also known as the breast major, and better support the cups. These exercises make the pectoral muscles stronger and tighter, causing your breasts to look as if they have been lifted up. Here are some effective exercises that can show great results if followed correctly (2).

Five of the best exercises Reduction in breast size are::

Wall press::

The most important thing about this exercise is to find the best place. After doing this, you have a face to the wall and stand an arm's length away from it. Keep your feet as wide apart as the width of your shoulders. Keep your hands flat on the wall and your feet flat and stable on the floor. You must not change or raise the position of your feet during the exercise. After this stable posture, bend your elbows, lower your upper body towards the wall and count to four. It is important that you keep your hips and back straight as you lower your torso (3).

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Incline Press::

Tilt press is the second Exercise to reduce the breast size we will see. Follow these simple steps to make this exercise effective.

Reject press

The position you need to take for this exercise is as follows. Lie flat on your back and lie on a bench with your arms straight. Hold a barbell in each hand and lower the barbells until they are close to the sides of your chest. Now lift it back to the position from which you started. This is called a repetition. If you do this exercise, you will need to do ten reps at the same time. Good breathing is very important (4th).

Decline Press::

The decrease in the breast press mainly affects the lower part of the muscles. Follow these steps to make this exercise effective and reduce breast size.

Diagonal press

Sit firmly on the lowering bench and hold a barbell in each hand. Now sit back and hold them with your palms facing your chest. Exhale and push the dumbbells over your chest at the same time. Now breathe in the dumbbells, lower them and bring them back to the starting position. This is a repetition and 20 of them are mandatory every day (5).


Pushups are the most common exercise, and you may also know exactly how to do it. However, follow these steps to make sure your technique is correct for this exercise to have an effect.


Lie flat on a rubber mat and place your hands flat next to your shoulders. Lift your knees off the floor and make sure that most of your body weight is on your knees. Pull your stomach in and make sure your body is in a straight line. This straight posture is the key to perfecting this exercise. After lifting your body, bend your elbows and go back down in the same straight position. Your body should be close to the ground but not touching it (6).

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Pull over::

These Exercise for breast reduction female requires patience, but is very effective once you understand the technique.


Stand straight with your legs apart. Start this workout with light weight and hold weights in each hand. Raise your hands together with the weights and position them over your head. Now gradually lower the weights behind your head and stretch it as far as possible. Bring it back to the starting position. This training should be repeated three to five times to achieve the best effect (7).

These exercises require an appropriate technique for the best effect. Follow the steps carefully to perform the exercise correctly. To get real results, it is important that you understand the importance of maintaining a routine and committing yourself to doing this routine every day. Taking breaks in between does not help. Breaks should only be taken in the event of injuries or other unavoidable circumstances. Good luck and do your best. The better the effort, the better the results!

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