As Coronavirus Instances High Three Million, Fauci Warns In opposition to Misreading a Falling Loss of life Price

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U.S. Cases Reach New Record

With the UK authorities easing childbirth restrictions but continuing to fear new waves of infection, they have announced that nursing home residents will be tested for the virus monthly and staff will be tested weekly.

Mr. Johnson's government pledged £ 600 million, or $ 749 million, to support the country's nursing homes in May, in addition to £ 3.2 billion – $ 4 billion – to local governments for important public services such as nursing home facilities.

After months of waiting for a steep drop in cases that never happened, many local governments have started to reopen their buildings. However, real estate valuation, the payment of fines, and the management of America's cities do not look much like they did before the pandemic.

In Aurora, Illinois, the town hall was only supposed to be open three days a week, with the first hour each day dedicated to older residents. Appointments were recommended in Detroit’s partially reopened community center, employees were tested for the virus, and workers no longer accepted cash payments. And in Dayton, Ohio, where the town hall was closed since March 18, it was scheduled to reopen this week, with hand sanitizers and security personnel performing temperature controls.

Even when the front doors were unlocked, the cities didn't exactly encourage visitors. Officials in Buffalo, who were also planning to reopen, said residents above 100.4 degrees would not be allowed in. Detroit officials planned to offer a roadside service. Dayton's press release announcing the reopening made an explicit suggestion not to come:

"The City of Dayton encourages customers to continue doing business with the city remotely and electronically because physical distance standards are practiced in the city's facilities and many employees continue to work from home," the statement said.

All four major US airlines have agreed terms for federal government loans under the March Economic Recovery Act, the Treasury announced on Tuesday.

Delta Air Lines, United Airlines and Southwest Airlines have signed letters of intent under this law, known as the CARES Act. Last week, the department announced that American Airlines had approved a five-year loan of $ 4.75 billion.

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