A Tasty Frittata Recipe

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"Frittata Recipe"

I make a lot of frittatas. They fill your belly, allow you to make sensible use of neglected ingredients in your refrigerator, and make for a nutritious and filling one-pot meal. Breakfast, lunch, dinner – with a six-pack of eggs on hand, a simple, filling meal is never more than a few minutes away.

Frittata inspiration

This particular frittata recipe was inspired by a couple of things – a small bag of tiny potatoes I bought from the market and some delicious vegetables courtesy of a nutrient-rich mystery box that I regularly buy from the Mariquita Farm when I was in San. lived Francisco. That's the great thing about knowing how to cook a great frittata. You can switch it with all sorts of ingredients. And they are great for breakfast, brunch, lunch or dinner.

The special sauce

I'll tell you a little secret, the magical note of this special frittata is the lively coriander and chili sauce that I drizzle over it. Drizzle the sauce over the eggs just before the frittata goes into the oven, then layer the potatoes and onions on top of the sauce – everything melts into a colored speckled pan. The pumpkin seeds provide just the right crust and play off the creaminess of the eggs and goat cheese. The coriander sauce would also be delicious on Lori & # 39; s Skillet Smashed Potatoes or those oven fries.
“Frittata in a cast iron pan

What's the best frittata pan?

The most important thing when choosing a frittata pan is that it is oven safe. I always reach for my well-seasoned cast iron pan. Lots of people like to use nonstick pans when boiling eggs, and that's fine. With this recipe, make sure what you choose can last a few minutes in a very hot oven. I love to bake my frittata in the oven because they will rise, the eggs are nicely arranged, and the whole frittata comes together wonderfully.

“Favorite frittata recipe with a cut out wedge

Favorite frittata variations

I change my frittatas in a thousand different ways. Some favorite ways: Add a large dollop of green or red curry paste to the beaten eggs. Sriracha is also fair game. You can change the cheese or nuts, or top with almost any pre-cooked vegetable. I love broccoli or asparagus, or mix chopped kale into the egg mixture.

Try it! Other popular egg recipes include: devilish eggs, egg salad sandwich, that thin omelette, and pickled turmeric eggs. If you're looking for more brunch Breakfast recipes Don't miss this healthy granola, or the best Waffle recipe, this homemade Cinnamon rolls, classic pancakes, Tofu scrambled eggs, Herbal cream cheese scrambled eggs, and the baked oatmeal is always popular!


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