10 Intense Velocity Drills to Enhance Your Energy and Explosiveness

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10 Intense Speed Drills to Improve Your Power and Explosiveness

Sprinting is one of the best ways totorch fat and build a strong, muscular lower body—without a gym. To get faster, more reactive, and explosive, you could tax your lungs and legs via 200-meter repeats on a track, or you could do speed drills. Some routines emphasize strengthening single-leg weaknesses while others test your agility and hand-eye coordination, all of which translates to greater speed and explosiveness across all sports and disciplines.

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Speed drills are also the perfect workout to take advantage of while sheltering in place. They don’t require much equipment (if at all) and get you outdoors (never discount the benefits of some fresh air and sunshine on your mental sanity during this time.) If you’ve been looking to run faster, challenge your fitness in a new way, or simply work on something physical that’ll take your mind off this stressful time, try some of these routines below.

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From small-apartment training sessions to outdoor hill workouts, we’ve rounded up 10 stellar speed drills from the fitness community on Instagram that’ll get you in peak shape just in time for summer.

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