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health benefits of nuts

There are different types of nuts on the market including almonds, walnuts, pistachios, cashews, Brazil nuts, pine nuts, hazelnuts, etc. All of them have similar nutrients and do the same for our bodies. These are full of nutrients that are best known to help prevent heart disease and diabetes.

All of the above can protect the heart, but few have more properties that aid heart health. Include some of these nuts in your daily diet and be healthy. These healthy snacks have several health benefits that are discussed in detail below.

What are nuts?

These are the seeds of the fruit extensions in a hard outer shell. When you say nut, the first nut that comes to mind may be a peanut, but that's a myth. No, it's not a legume. It is considered one of the categories because of its similar properties.

The nut family includes almonds, Brazil nuts, cashews, chestnuts, coconuts, flax seeds, hazelnuts, macadamia, pecans, pine nuts, pistachios, poppy seeds, pumpkin seeds, walnuts, etc.

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Health benefits:

Weight loss:

Although viewed as a high calorie food or snack, it is not linked to weight gain at all. In fact, those who eat nuts lose weight. The high fiber content of these nuts releases satiety hormones that control appetite and prevent you from consuming more calories. The high fiber content in nuts reduces LDL or bad cholesterol.

Replace 2 ounces (56 g) mixed nuts with the carbohydrate feed each day. This will improve blood sugar control and serum lipids in type 2 diabetes. With the exception of chestnuts, all of the others contain large amounts of fats (monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fatty acids) of around 49 to 74%, which helps preserve HDL, or good cholesterol.

For a healthy heart:

Nuts are high in the nutrients needed for a healthy heart. Only 100 g of nuts contain 49% of the nutrients required daily. It contains 131% vitamin E of the daily value, 2500 mg L-arginine amino acid. Vitamin E prevents plaque build-up in the arteries. This plaque actually leads to chest pain, coronary artery disease, heart attack, etc. L-arginine makes arterial walls healthy and prevents clogging and arteriosclerosis.

Blood pressure:

The low sodium and potassium levels in these nuts are very useful for lowering high blood pressure and keeping it up in a healthy way.

Reduces the risk of gallstones:

The rich fiber and nutrients reduced the risk in women who needed gallbladder surgery by up to 25% and the risk of developing gallstones in men by up to 30% when they ingested nuts 5 times or more per week.

Against cancer:

The rich antioxidants and carcinogenic properties of nuts prevent cancer, especially in women. It reduces the risk of colon, endometrial, and colon cancer in women.

Protects the eyes:

Vitamin E in nuts protects the eyes and prevents age-related macular degeneration, which slowly leads to blindness with age. Selenium helps absorb vitamin E.

Delays the aging of the brain:

Omega-3 is rich in walnuts, which are a superfood for the brain. Vitamin E and the antioxidants it contains prevent memory loss and dementia and improve mental clarity.

Boosts the mood:

Precursors to serotonin-like folic acid, tryptophan, and vitamin B6 found in nuts convert 5-HTP into serotonin, which improves mood and prevents bad mood, depression, lack of willpower, and loss of appetite.

Prevents goiter:

The selenium content associated with goiter is up to 777% in one ounce of dried, non-blanched Brazil nuts (544 mcg). It is recommended that you take a handful at least 5 times a week.

You can either spice them up or sprinkle them over food or salad, but don't forget to consume these health bombs.

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