Valentines Lunch and Menu Plan

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Valentine's Day lunch for children with a heart-shaped sandwich

Creating a fun and festive lunch for a vacation doesn't have to be very complicated. We'll show you how to prepare that sweet Valentine's Day lunch in just minutes!

Best tip for festive meals for children

One of our biggest tips for creating fun and festive food is using cookie cutters! You can instantly create shapes from all types of food that will add visual appeal to your kids. For Valentine's Day we love this set of heart tailors. You can use them to prepare festive food all day and it only takes a few extra minutes!

This is our sample menu for Valentine's Day:

Valentine's Day menu


Pink pancakes

Having lunch

Heart shaped turkey sandwich
Happy tomatoes
Heart-shaped cucumbers
Greek yogurt with mini chocolate chips
Heart-shaped tortillas with marinara sauce


Unusual fondue dinner

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