True Weight Loss Story; How Rahul Managed Weight Throughout Corona Pandemic

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True Weight Loss Story; How Rahul Managed Weight During Corona Pandemic

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What I'm going to share with all of you today is a story that is so close to my heart that it won't be wrong for me to tell you this #IWBMovement True weight loss story by Rahul Ditta reminds me of 2013 when Tarunpreet introduced me to the Indian Weight Loss Blog. Some time ago I received a message on IWB's Insta account – from Rahul Ditta who wanted us to share his story about weight loss. When I read it, I was impressed by how this young man was able to maintain the loss during lockdown after losing weight. Let me introduce Rahul Ditta and his true story of weight loss as he believes: "Losing weight is both mental and physical. "

About Rahul Ditta …

True weight loss story

At 130 kg in July 2019, I never thought that I would ever be able to overcome obesity and change physically. Those were the times When society keeps hitting you with body shameful comments, it makes it all the more difficult to live. But you need a kick or a reason to change. In my case, it was the kick I got from my sedentary lifestyle and the illnesses that resulted from it. I took it as a challenge and started the most difficult journey.

When you start on a weight loss journey, the biggest battle is training your mind. I also learned that obesity affects your professional life too. In today's stressful work environment, you need to be both mentally and physically strong. Being overweight makes you sluggish and lazy.

Diet Matters

The most important factor in making my journey was my diet, which scientifically contributed 70% to my weight loss. My monthly regular foods have been replaced with quinoa, chia seeds, daliya, poha, fresh fruits, curd cheese, vegetables, chicken breast, fish, boiled egg whites, and peanut butter. I have chosen combinations of some of the above foods for my breakfast, lunch, and dinner, balanced with equal proportions of protein, carbohydrates, and fiber to get me going.

Before indulging in such a modified diet, I was like any other Delhiit – a gourmet of heart, body and soul. I loved eating delicious chola bhatura, paratha, biryani, ice cream with gulab jamun, big cheese burgers, cheese crust pizza and so on.

You lose some to gain some …

The other major factor in my journey was played by my fitness trainer Vipin Choudhary. It was a challenge for him too. 😊 He never gave up on me when he felt the surrender and saw the fire burn to see results. It offered a perfect combination of weight + cardio training that had a positive effect.

There were days when I would have passed out while exercising, but we continued to go in the right direction. I did cardio twice a week, mostly with cross-fit sessions. Balance days I treated myself to strength training.

Rain or Shine I would never miss my training sessions, even if I was late we made sure we didn't end the day with a zero training session. And yes there were days when I was rewarded with the love of my life (food) 😉 as fraudulent days that again made me move on and hit the bull's eye.

45 kg in 9 months … Wow!

The result of all of the above efforts has been beyond my imagination. I was able to reach 85 kg in March 2020. I lost 45 kg in 9 months. My wardrobe has changed completely. I used to shop at A + Store, only for sizes that go beyond the standard names. Now I like slim fit shirts and pants of the brand I like, there is a 10 inch difference in my waist size.

Then there was the lockdown pandemic

In March, when lockdown was announced and gyms closed, a greater challenge awaited me in trying to maintain the lost weight myself. Everyone was restricted without physical activity outside the home. This was the time I made up my mind and relied mostly on my revised diet plan, knowing that stopping the gym would instantly boost my body weight.

The Lockdown Food Plan-

I switched to almost cooked food, veggies, and nonveg, and continued with the cardio workouts my trainer had taught me. During the first few days of the lockdown, as I had no way of exercising with weights, I googled and found means to use household items as weights for exercise purposes, e.g. B. Sealed parcels of legumes and rice etc in a bag, building blocks, water-filled bucket, empty gas bottle, chin-ups on welded window panes, sounds crazy, but I did all of these to make sure that my hard work during the closing was not ruined . As a result, I was able to keep my body weight around 85 kg.

I'm really enjoying my new look now. Big credit also goes to my spouse, Nidhi, who made sure my diet was well managed and my house was looked after along with my 3 year old son while I was on my way to the gym. It motivated me to do more and get in shape.

My mantra for staying fit is perseverance, a balanced diet, moderate to heavy exercise and of course loads of motivators that will compliment you and help you achieve more.

What now!

My journey is not over as I still follow my diet, exercise in the form of running activities, take part in virtual marathons, set running goals and of course use my little mini gym at home along with my motivators, compliments that still keep me on Keep your trot. Now the goal is to get fit, fitter and your best because I've learned "You only have one life, either" do it or break it. Once you've made up your mind, half the battle is won! "

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