Stop Gallstones by Ingesting Espresso

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Decaf vs Regular Coffee Health Benefits & Risks

Article overview:

  • Daily coffee consumption is associated with a lower risk of gallstones
  • Coffee's gallstone protection may be due to its effect on cholesterol levels in the bile
  • Coffee offers many health benefits, but also many disadvantages. So, consider other options for avoiding gallstones, such as: B. increasing fiber intake and performing natural kidney irrigation

Research on coffee & gallstones

If you've ever had gallstones, you know you don't want to relive them. It's hard to believe that crystals this small can cause symptoms such as nausea, upset stomach, and sharp abdominal pain when the stones block a duct leading out of the gallbladder. However, if you are prone to developing gallstones, stick a pod in your Keurig or go to the nearest Starbucks, as new research suggests coffee could help you avoid these in the future.

The study, conducted at Copenhagen University Hospital in Denmark, found that daily coffee consumption was linked to a reduced risk of developing gallstones. These results are based on a survey involving an average of 104,493 Danish men and women who were followed for an average of eight years.

Subjects who said they usually drink more than six cups of coffee a day had a 23 percent lower risk of developing gallstones than their counterparts who said they didn't drink coffee. But don't fret if so much Java sounds completely unattractive to you. People who drink far less also received benefits. Participants who consumed three to six cups a day had a 17 percent lower risk of gallstones, and participants who consumed one cup a day had a three percent lower risk of gallstones.

How does coffee protect us from gallstones?

More research is needed to determine exactly how coffee affects the formation of gallstones in the gallbladder. Because the gallbladder stores the bile produced in the liver, the researchers believe that this may have something to do with gallstones forming when the amount of cholesterol in the bile is very high. Because caffeine is eliminated in the bile, this process may lower bile cholesterol, restore balance, and prevent gallstones.

If so, decaffeinated coffee would not have the same effect, but this study did not compare caffeinated and decaffeinated coffees. We don't even know for sure that coffee directly helps prevent gallstones from forming, as research was designed only to show a link rather than a cause and effect. In addition, other lifestyle variations of people who drink more coffee could offer protection against gallstones.

Preventing gallstones without a daily coffee overdose

We all know that coffee is associated with many health benefits, including lower risk of liver damage and potentially longer lifespan, but also significant disadvantages. Regular coffee consumption can lead to insomnia, gastrointestinal discomfort, headaches and nervousness, especially if the intake is very high. So it is probably better if you limit yourself to one or two cups of joe in the morning (or better yet, alternate with tea) to curb your coffee habit at this point.

Let that morning coffee work, however magical it is, and think of alternative ways to avoid the possible formation of gallstones, which are healthier than developing a seven cups a day habit. Diet is closely related to the formation of gallstones. So start there. Avoid foods high in unhealthy fats and foods from animal sources, including dairy products, beef, and processed meats, as these have been linked to the development of gallstones. At the same time, increase your consumption of high-fiber foods like fruits, vegetables, and beans, as this will prevent cholesterol from building up in the gallbladder. Regular kidney detox helps flush out stones that are beginning and also optimizes the gallbladder function, which prevents stones from forming in the first place.

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