Prime 10 Popsicle Molds for Do-it-yourself Popsicles

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Top 10 Popsicle Molds for Homemade Popsicles

These are my top popsicle mold options for making quick, healthy, and delicious popsicles for your kids!

My kids love popsicles and would eat them every day. And I usually leave them because I make my own popsicles and they're almost always just fruit! It's easy to add veggies or other healthy add-ins when making your own. I know my kids will eat more fruits and vegetables if I have homemade popsicles in my freezer. The key to making a really great homemade popsicle is not just in the recipe, but in the type of popsicle you use. Read on for our top 10 popsicle shapes and how they compare.

The easiest way to make homemade popsicles

We make smoothies almost every day, but often we don't finish the entire batch. If you have your own popsicle molds, you never have to waste any leftover smoothie!

Just pour what you don't eat into the mold and eat the popsicle later. Sometimes kids don't like the texture of a smoothie or don't drink it right away. If it's frozen in popsicle, kids may find it more exciting and accessible. I've found my kids eat almost every smoothie this way, regardless of color.

What Are the Best Popsicle Molds to Buy?

We have put together our top 10 popsicle shapes for you. I use them for different recipes in different situations, depending on what I'm doing and, of course, which kids are eating the popsicle. There are some popsicle shapes that are better suited for smaller children because of your child's size or how grippy they are with the handle.

    Groovy Pop Mold with homemade pops

Features we like:

  • built-in drip protection
  • The base holds the pops upright while freezing – the small base – doesn't take up much space
  • can be removed from the base and lay the pops flat after freezing
  • dishwasher safe – easy to clean
  • makes a great medium sized pop

    Silicone ice pop tubes filled with beet smoothie

Features we like:

  • You can put it in the freezer to freeze so it doesn't leak
  • less messy for kids to eat
  • makes a great popsicle
  • can fill up with yoghurt and make a homemade “go-gurt”

Top 10 ice pop molds for fruit and veggie pops. Norpro Ice Pop Mold Collage

Features we like:

  • makes 10 pops at once
  • uses wooden popsicles – disposable and it doesn't matter if your kids lose them
  • makes a classically shaped medium-sized popsicle
  • Mold won't tip over in your freezer

Top 10 ice pop molds for fruit and veggie pops. Zoku classic pop maker

Features we like:

  • Individual molds stand out from the base and can be stored in the mold in the freezer
  • makes a very smooth popsicle of large size
  • has a very robust base. So there will be no tipping in your freezer

Top 10 ice pop molds for fruit and veggie pops. Nuby fresh fruit mold

Features we like:

  • The wide holder base catches any drops as they melt
  • Small size, perfect for babies and toddlers
  • has easy to grip handle

Slurper Ice Pop Mold Collage

Features we like:

  • Drip-free, slurping straw under control
  • Dishwasher safe too
  • Less chaotic than other pop forms

Gem pop mold

Features we like:

  • small popsicle – great by younger kids
  • super cute ring pop shape so that the kids feel like they are eating a special treat
  • The base is sturdy and also holds the shapes well

    Zoku Quick Pop Mold

Features we like:

  • freezes popsicles in 7 minutes
  • makes layered popsicles and creamsicles easy to make

Tovolo ice cream mold

Features we like:

  • Conical handle catches drops
  • Children feel like they are eating an ice cream cone

    Zoku Mini Pop Mold with homemade pop recipe

Features we like:

  • The small size and rounded shape make it perfect for babies and toddlers
  • easily jump out of the mold

Try some of our favorite popsicle recipes!

Of course, you can let your kids join in for fun! You will be even more excited to eat a popsicle that you made yourself! Pretty soon they'll be begging for a dessert pop after every meal! And, oddly enough, you'll be more than happy to give them one! This is also an amazing way to use the products that you are not sure you will get before they go bad. Try one of these awesome recipes today! In the meantime, your kids and your fridge will thank you!

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