IWB 1 Month four Kgs Weight Loss : Food plan Plan Day 1

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Weight Loss Challenge - 4 kg 4 weeks

Hello everybody,

For some time now, we had received requests from our readers to re-share the weight loss challenge along with the recipes and diet plans. So let's go again with ours IWB 1 month 4 kg weight loss: Diet plan day 1

Everyone looking forward to the IWB Weight Loss Challenge :)?

Enjoy the Diet Plan – Day 1. I leave the vegetables open at lunch for you to choose as they are the first day. Just avoid potatoes for this month. I would be specific from day 2.

I have put tea / coffee in as I know we need (read I: P) tea twice a day. If you can avoid it, pat on the back :)!

I will also upload the training plan tonight. Until then, please do not skip your walk. You can find the hiking map here.

Monday / day 1
7:30 AM Half a lemon in 1 glass of lukewarm water + 10 almonds
8:30 AM 3 egg whites
8:30 AM Half cup of cereal + 1 bowl of skimmed milk
9:30 AM Tea / coffee without sugar
11:30 AM Apple
1:00 PM 1 plate of salad + 1 wheat chapatti + 1 bowl of vegetables + 1 bowl of daal + 1 cup of cottage cheese
4 p.m. Tea / coffee without sugar + 2 Marie biscuits
6:00 p.m. Fruit salad (you can also have 1 fruit)
8:00 pm 1 plate of green salad
8:30 p.m. Homemade vegetable soup + sautéed vegetables
10:00 PM IF hungry, 1 cup of warm skimmed milk without sugar

If you are already exercising, please have a fruit / salad 1 hour in advance and a buttermilk after the exercise. Will come with a list of foods that you should be consuming!



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