Issues To Do at Dwelling

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Things To Do at Home

Here you will find a selection of the events of the week and information on how to set them (all times are east). Note that events can change after they are published.

Attend a concert to celebrate art and art museums in Child actress Laurie Berknerwho is often referred to as the "Queen of Kindie Rock". Dancing is promoted as well as donations to the cancer research fund for children.

When 11 clock

Learn to care for your plants while "Make a home for indoor plants" A weekly virtual seminar led by gardener Jocelyn Perez Blanco hosted by New York-based Society X.

Experience the "accidental discovery" of X-rays and visit the virtual lecture "X-rays at the age of 125" hosted by the Mothers Museum in Philadelphia. The German physicist and engineer Wilhelm Conrad Röntgen observed the Röntgen on November 8, 1895 – Among other things, he scanned his wife's hand and made Sunday the 125th anniversary. David J. Ballard, an expert in radiation technology, will also answer questions from the audience.

When 17:30

Join the adventures of The Super Secret Hive Podcast with your child. The Hive contains six episodes, each focusing on a different part of the world around us. Your child will learn about the immune system, the role of honey bees in pollination and much more. The episode posts contain recommendations for further learning and printable activities.

When At any time

Hear that "99% invisiblePodcast hosts Roman Mars and Kurt Kohlstedt during a live streaming interview at the Portland Book Festival. Mr. Mars and Mr. Kohlstedt will speak to writer Elena Passarello and radio host Luke Burbank about their new book “The 99% Invisible City: A Guide to the Hidden World of Everyday Design”. The poet Shayla Lawson will also speak about a new collection of essays.

When 2.30.

Get carried away with the San Francisco Symphony with the premiere of Nico Muhly"Throughline" which was specially commissioned as a virtual production. The show was filmed in locations around the world and includes solos from eight employees. The production, which Mr. Muhly of the Times described as "meaty" and "toothy", Incidentally, Esa-Pekka Salonen also made his debut presentation as the symphony's music director. The show will stay on the orchestra's website after the premiere for viewing when needed.

When 22 O `clock

Have a Sunday dinner to compete with those of nonnas everywhere with that Gnocchi Quattro modes Cooking class. Laura Scheck, cook and founder of the Brooklyn-based Teaching Table, which offers cooking classes and workshops, will show you and your family how to make the fluffy noodles with whatever products you have – sweet and regular potatoes, pumpkin, and broccoli are all excellent Options. No fancy equipment required, but Ms. Scheck recommends baking or roasting the vegetables before class starts. The class costs $ 25 per household; Registration required and the class is $ 25 per household.

When 10:30 am

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