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How To Gain Weight | Ways To Gain Weight

Hello everybody

Today I'm going to talk about my journey, "blessed with the healthy normal body – sickly thin – gradually gaining normal weight". Let me give you a brief intro about my body type and height. I'm standing at 5'7 ”and during my 12th hour I weighed about 50 pounds. Chubby cheeks, 28 waist, normal eating habits, no exercise. Then I started college and he had irregular lecture times. Skipping breakfast became a routine and I started eating unhealthy junk food and losing weight. I remember eating only one masala dosa until 4am. My friends started saying how slimmer I look and how well defined my cheekbones are now. My waistline was reduced to 26, I looked leaner and better. πŸ˜› but then that noise stopped as I started losing weight and hair at an alarming rate. Very soon those cheeks became hollow and oh so cute dimples looked too deep to be cute :(. My weight during my last year was 40 kg and my waist size was 23. Shudder !!

Basic causes of losing weight:

  1. Skip breakfast. It was my biggest mistake.
  2. Staying hungry for hours.
  3. Suppress hunger with drinking water.
  4. Zero exercises.
  5. I don't care that I look like an almost bald ghost. : Γ–

My body gave me signals for a long time, but I didn't pay much attention. My luscious mane was beginning to leave my scalp; My normally glowing skin became dry and stretchy. My calf muscles ached often and there were frequent cramps. My periods became irregular; Imagine friends every 15 days. My immune system was messed up. I got the flu every few days. Then I thought about getting the situation under control, started with light stretches and "Alloo Ke Paranthe" for breakfast. πŸ˜› I even started eating a banana as a lunch snack. I continued this "I'm on a serious weight gain diet" for about 2 months with zero results.

Left picture – before, right picture – after

How To Gain Weight Gain Ways

I had to seek medical help. A blood test gave expected results, a very low hemoglobin count. The real surprise was my thyroid test results. My TSH was high, around 8. In general, increased TSH means weight gain, delayed periods, in short, all opposite symptoms. Dr. said I can't eat thyroid medication. So I started with biotin and iron supplements. My diet has changed a lot. I consciously started to eat healthily and now, after 1 year, I weigh 49 kg and these dimples are so cute again !! Yes, I am vain ..: D.

My nutritionist asked me to eat on a regular basis. She made a very scary looking diet card that I'm sure not to follow. So I tweaked a bit and now I have my own healthy eating plan.

How To Lose Weight For Life

My daily routine:

Wake up 7:00 a.m. –

Getting up a little early helps a lot. Freshen up! Have a glass of water. And then I go out on the terrace to get some fresh air and stretch slightly. Sometimes I do yoga (basic pranayam and bhramari) or I just jog / briskly for 15 minutes. When I'm not in the mood to do something like this, I just make music and dance vigorously. πŸ˜›


a small plate of poha together with a cheese sandwich or idli and a bowl of fruit or alloo parantha with yoghurt, followed by a cup of tea.

11 a.m. – fruit time

(Apple, banana or pear) and my protein shake. Amway protein powder is one thing that has helped me a lot. I've tried many protein powders and cookies, but this one definitely wins. I hate its taste with milk. So I mix it with juice and swallow it down. It keeps me full but at the same time doesn't kill my lunch cravings.

2 p.m .: lunch

(Chapati, curry, salad and something sweet) Yes, eating something sweet will help you lose weight. I love Motichur Laddu. delicious!

6 pm:

Then I come home from work. I like Maggi or Besan Chilla or something hot and spicy with my evening cup of tea.

9 p.m .: dinner

Dinner consists of a large bowl of dal and 2 chapatis as well as the Sabzi mummy.

I know my diet should end on milk. But I don't really like the taste of milk so mostly skip it. I change it here and there. Let's say I'm bored with fruits, then I start with dry fruits. Sometimes I have sinful cheesy sandwiches for my evening snack and skip dinner. I am human and I love cheese. But I always make sure that I eat at regular intervals and that I am always full of energy. J.

That's all! We just need a little motivation. I've made a rule for myself. One kilo of profit is equivalent to one lipstick. That certainly helped a lot. πŸ˜‰

I'm all ears to hear your stories too! Share it!!

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