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How I Lost Weight - Indian Weight Loss Blog

First off, I'm very excited as this is my first blog post. I was an avid reader of IndianWeightLossBlog and it is my privilege to write about my weight loss journey.

Well, first things first – I've always been a chubby girl. Although I was very thin as a kid, puberty messed everything up for me. Ah! Imagine if I could flaunt my zero in those great cocktail dresses, but growing up had to bring curves. Still, I was never really comfortable with my body.

I remember going on strict diets in school and college and then failing altogether. Frustration was an understatement for what I went through in my childhood. I've always been a foodie and because I wasn't home for my studies, my love for food has grown a lot! Since I work in the media, there are no set working hours and my first job made sure I stayed in the office from 6 a.m. to sometimes 11 p.m. So junk food and unhealthy dinners became a staple. This is how I used to look.

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The turning point came when I gained almost 20 kg in two months. Stress, bad eating habits, and hereditary traits have led to an underactive thyroid in my life (my father has an overactive thyroid but is now cured). Take a look at the pictures below and you will understand how much I went up! how i lost weight indian weight loss blog (2)

I fell into a depression and tried to control my eating habits, but got back on the same damn floor. I've never been thin, but this baggage wasn't my destiny either. I used to be so concerned about hair loss too. Oh God! The thyroid literally pulls out all of your hair. However, I managed to lose a few pounds and weighed around 94-95 kg during that time. Here is a picture to give you a better idea. how i lost weight indian weight loss blog (3)

Then I had an appendix operation in April 2013. After the surgery, my doctor advised me to lose weight as it would not be good later on as I could potentially develop PCOS and other problems as well. It was like a warning bell. I took my health for granted for a long time.

I decided it was time to lose all that extra weight and get in shape. Since then I have lost almost 20 kg. I now weigh about 75 kg. I'm 5 to 7 inches tall and need to lose another 8 pounds to reach my goal – 67-68 kg. I know it sounds easy, especially when I've lost so much. But it has gotten a bit tricky as I seem to have hit my second plateau (I hit my first plateau at 81kg).

As a Bengali, the time of Durga Puja – Diwali was also like a culinary carnival. I ate out and didn't care about the calories. But luckily, I only stacked 1kg posts on top of whatever I was able to shed. Here is a before and after picture 🙂

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A couple of things I did to lose weight –

1) We had a very filling and healthy breakfast

2) Avoid completely outside of food.

3) Cut carbohydrates from my diet for the first two to three months (I can count the number of days I've had bread on my fingers).

4) give up soda completely (also diet soda)

5) I haven't exercised at all (Since I had an operation, I wasn't allowed to exercise for the first few months; however, I recently started running for 20 minutes 4-5 days a week.)

6) No carbohydrates after 8 p.m. (I have salad / soup and fruit for dinner. I think I will continue this habit even after I reach my ideal weight.)

7) Manage My Diet When Eating Out. (If I have something to eat outside, I make sure I compensate for that with extremely light days afterwards.)

8) Had loads of cottage cheese, fruits, and peanuts.

9) Healthy Snacking. I live on cream cracker biscuits, Marie biscuits, peanuts and roasted papad, corn salad, Jhal Muri (a Bengali specialty made from puffed rice, lemon juice, masalas and raw vegetables).

10) Give up all of the coffee and tea at the machine. I only have black coffee and green tea.

Hope you liked my post :). Last but not least; I was very cruel to my body in my head, which I regret. Now I've started to respect it. My best wishes to everyone who has embarked on this interesting and exciting journey of weight loss. It's all in our mind. Where there is a will, there must be a way 🙂

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