How Avocado Can Assist You Lose Weight?

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How Avocado Can Help You Lose Weight?

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The nutritional myth that eating fat makes you fat is unlikely to go away easily. The truth is, certain dietary fats, like the one in the avocado, can help you lose weight! Do you want to know why? Here it is 🙂

Is Saturated Fat Bad For You?

Saturated fat has always been under the scanner and has been discussed a lot. But what it turns out is that trans fat and hydrogenated fat in foods like margarine are the real culprits, causing not only weight gain but heart disease as well. Refined carbohydrates have also been found to induce weight gain. It is refined carbohydrates and unsaturated fats that are behind the rapid rise in obesity and other diseases.

How can avocado help you lose weight?


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Avocado is a fruit that is native to Mexico and Central America.

Avocados are a high-calorie food. Only 100 g of the fruit provide 160 calories. More than two-thirds of its calories come from monounsaturated oleic acid. Studies have shown that oleic acids are used by the body as a slow burning source of energy rather than saturated fat. When you consume monounsaturated fats instead of polyunsaturated fats and carbohydrates, you reduce the chances of weight gain and diabetes.

Avocado is also a good source of omega-9 fats. A diet high in cholesterol has been shown to lower bad cholesterol (LDL) levels and increase good cholesterol (HDL) levels. Omega-9 fat helps the body absorb antioxidants and fat-soluble vitamins from food. Avocados are pretty amazing on their own, but when eaten with nutritious vegetables, they help absorb the vitamins and nutrients found in the vegetables.

Weight loss and hunger

Avocados also help in reducing hunger. Sometimes we tend to mistake thirst for hunger – the main cause of weight gain. The next time you feel like having a bite, have a glass of water instead.

When you consume Mother Nature's healthy foods like avocados and almonds, you are less likely to feel hungry again after a short while after eating them. Avocados have a rich and buttery taste with healthy fiber content and monounsaturated fats. Along with that, they have protein and are low in carbohydrates. Avocados convey a feeling of contented fullness after consumption, which is known as satiety.

With so many pluses in avocado, they seem like a wonderful weight loss food when added to a healthy eating plan.

Other health benefits of avocado

How can avocado help you lose weight?

  • It offers anti-inflammatory benefits. So it helps in arthritis prevention.
  • It helps regulate blood sugar as it is low in taxis and low in sugar too.
  • It has shown benefits against cancer at the laboratory level. Studies have not been conducted on a human scale.
  • It supports heart health.

Unfortunately, avocado is not very well known in India. Some shake stands have butterfruit shakes (as it is called here) on their menu, but this miracle fruit has yet to be fully embraced by us Indians.

India does not grow avocados. The regions where the fruit is produced include the hills of Tamil Nadu, Coorg, Kerala and certain areas of Karnataka. So that means mainly southern parts of India. However, Sikkim successfully grows avocados.

Let me tell you how to choose them. A ripe avocado that is ready to eat is a bit soft, but shouldn't have any sinks or cracks. If it is firm, it can be matured at home by storing it in a paper bag at room temperature. Avocados should not be refrigerated until they have ripened. Once ripe, they can be kept in the refrigerator for a week.

Now that you know how avocado can help you lose weight?

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