High eight Hamstring workout routines to carry out at house

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Top 8 Hamstring exercises to perform at home

Whether you walk or run, work or sit, hamstrings play an important role. These are the two muscle joints that start from the hip joint and attach to the tibia and fibula of the lower leg. When they become weak, they can become a potential cause of injury and also make the pain worse.

In general, women are more prone to weak hamstrings. According to sources, women are two to ten times more prone to knee ligament injuries than men. Men also have numerous Achilles tendon problems throughout their lives.

Let us help you unleash the top 8 thigh exercises so you can get rid of these problems right away!

Air squat

  • Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart and your arms straight. Make sure it's at shoulder level.
  • Now bring your body to the floor and bend your knees. Try to keep your head and back straight. Try to go down as far as you can and try to break in parallel.
  • Return to standing by pressing your feet on the floor and straightening your knees. Extend your hips until you are standing straight. Squeeze your glutes at the top of the movement.

Partner hamstring curls

  • Put a mat under your knees and have your partner hold your ankles to keep you stable. Put your hand over your chest and keep it near your shoulders.
  • Now try to gradually lower yourself onto a mat and pull your hamstrings together. Try to stay as big as possible.
  • As you start to lose your grip on gravity, straighten your arms.
  • Repeat training for results.

Glute Bridge

  • Lie on your back, palms, and feet flat on the floor. Also keep your knees bent.
  • Press both feet into the floor and lift both hips toward the ceiling.
  • Hold up for a 2 second count. Lower the workout and repeat.
  • Practice 15 repetitions of 3 sets for about 30 seconds each.

Swiss ball hamstring curl

  • Put a Swiss ball in front of your feet. Lie with your back and palms flat on the floor.
  • Put your heels on the ball and press your hips and glutes to the floor.
  • At this point, your back should be straight and your abs should be locked in place.
  • Dig your heels into the ball as you arch it toward your buttocks.
  • Reverse the movement and push the Swiss ball away from your glutes. Could you put it in the starting position?
  • Repeat the workout for the best results.

Barbell Romanian Deadlift

  • Hold a barbell shoulder width apart. Engage your abs and track your back while holding the bar. Let it rise
  • Now, while standing, pivot your hips backwards.
  • Now slowly try to lower the barbell towards the middle of the shin.
  • Stand up to return to the starting position.
  • Repeat the training in 10 repetitions of 3 sets each for 90 to 120 seconds each.

Walking lunges

  • Stand upright with your feet shoulder-width apart. Your hands should be on your hips.
  • Now take a step forward with your right leg and put your foot down.
  • Bend your knees at a right angle and let your hips drop.
  • Lower your left knee toward the floor. Before it hits the ground, cycle up and down your right leg.
  • Take a lunge at the other end.

Bank hip thrust

  • Rest your upper back and shoulders on a bench. Also try to put your arms around a chest.
  • Put your feet flat on the floor by resting your hips on the floor.
  • Ride both feet on the floor and push both hips up near the ceiling.
  • Now try to squeeze your glutes and hold them for a maximum of two seconds.
  • Lower the workout and repeat.
  • Do this for 15 repetitions of 2 to 3 sets for about 30 to 60 seconds.

One-armed kettlebell swing

  • Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart.
  • Hold the kettlebell and take a squat position.
  • Begin the swing as you pull the kettlebell back towards you. At the same time, you need to straighten your hips to raise the bell. At this point, your body should be in alignment.
  • Have your free arm tap the handle or mimic the swinging arm.
  • When you need to do the backswing, the kettlebell handle should go over your knees. Your knees shouldn't move at all.
  • Repeat the workout for the best results.

frequently asked Questions

1. Are there any other hamstring exercises?

Yes. You can do the one-legged dumbbell deadlift and one-legged gluteal bridge for the best experience.

2. Are these exercises practical?

Yes. All exercises are beneficial for the right reasons.

3. Can I do a glute bridge for 20 seconds?

No. The glute bridge needs about 30 to 60 seconds. So please try to take this into account for the best results.

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