Health Secret Of Madhuri Dixit | Timeless Magnificence Madhuri Dixit

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Fitness Secret Of Madhuri Dixit | Timeless Beauty Madhuri Dixit

Madhuri Dixit Nene doesn't need an introduction. I saw her in Olay commercial today and thought how fit is she!

Fitness Secret by Madhuri Dixit | Timeless beauty Madhuri Dixit

My mind wheels started spinning: P. I started reading her interviews and saw her pictures of Jhalak Dikhlaa Jaa Season 6. Unfortunately, I didn't follow the show :(. The more I saw her, the stronger the feeling became that Madhuri Dixit is a timeless beauty!

Look at the torch in her eyes. OMG i'm dead!

Fitness secret of Madhuri Dixit Jhalak

Madhuri Dixit's fitness secret

Madhuri Dixit believes in good nutrition and exercise as the ultimate matra for a healthy life. Let's see what she has to say about fitness –

Madhuri Dixit on dance and movement

"I currently exercise six days a week, eat healthy and try to get a lot of sleep."

“I believe in staying fit, but the gym isn't everything. I practice Kathak at home three times a week and the other two days I train. I believe in staying healthy what shows in my skin. "

“Dancing is a passion for me – it gives me a spiritual climax, rejuvenates me after a hectic day at work and at home with the added benefit of being a great workout routine! With every step I take, I long to learn more – it's a deep form of evolution for me. "

So it doesn't matter that you stick to the gym. Include a physical activity that you enjoy doing. You can read here and here about other forms of exercise like HIIT, Zumba, swimming, etc. here and here.

Fitness secret from Madhuri Dixit Nene

Madhuri Dixit on a diet

"Ideally, I have five to six small, healthy meals a day and I don't believe in diets."

"It is very important that you maintain your vitamin intake and supplements as needed."

“A healthy mind and body complement each other. While Kathak helps me with a spirited mind and body, I also take care of what I eat – the key is a healthy, balanced diet – low-carbohydrate and high-protein diet, but at the same time nutritious. "

“I make sure I drink plenty of water and avoid caffeine-based drinks as they tend to dehydrate you! Leafy vegetables and a generous helping of fruit go a long way towards keeping you in the pink of health! "

If you want to know how small, frequent meals help, read here. Ana has covered many low carbs and high protein recipes. You can find all of their recipes here.

Madhuri Dixit on beauty

"You can't just put things on your face and think everything will be fine. It has to come from within. So you have to live healthy, eat healthy and exercise. These are things that you do for yourself and have to maintain a kind of discipline in life. "

When asked about a home remedy, see what she has to say –

“The home remedy would be to train. You know, when you exercise, blood flow through your body, especially your face, increases. The age old thing was to put honey on your face, that too is a great practice. "

When asked how she has retained the same grace, smile, and charisma over the years, Madhuri replied:

“I am privileged that people love my smile or find me graceful and charismatic. There is no secret mantra for it, just be happy, spread joy and love to the people around you and take good care of your health. I am humble that people consider me a timeless beauty. "

Madhuri Dixit is not only beautiful, she is a firm believer in being healthy! She fights hard against girls half her age 😉

Madhuri Dixit Diet Secret

Now a little chatter 😛. Madhuri wore beautiful saris and dresses in Jhalak Dikhlaa Jaa. This one is my favorite! She just looks amazing. What do you think 🙂?

Madhuri Dixit Fitness Secret

Madhuri Dixit Fit Diet

Madhuri Dixit is "The Timeless Diva". What do you have to say 🙂?

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