Fulfill Your Dream With These Workouts

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How do I get 6 pack abs?

6 Pack Abs is just about every other man who works out in the gym dream. However, it is difficult to achieve and once achieved it is more difficult to maintain. In addition to exercising to develop your 6-pack, you should consider other factors as well. The 6-pack abs diet plays an important role in building these packs. Include lots of protein in your breakfast. Drink plenty of water and keep yourself hydrated throughout the day. It helps in burning layers of fat and building those muscles.

Don't starve yourself and eat multiple meals throughout the day. Only crunches never show the desired effect. I agree that crunches are helpful Structure of six packs However, you need to incorporate variations to get good results. Here is a full list of 6 pack abs exercises to help you get closer to your goal of developing those 6 pack abs.

1. Rollback

Roll back 6 pack abs exercise

To do rollbacks, sit up straight and bend your knees. Move the top of your body up and keep your arms straight. Inhale as you stand up and exhale while you are back in the starting position. Try to keep your legs together during the exercise. It is the best exercise for 6 pack abs women.

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2. Side plank

Side plank 6 pack abs exercises

It's a pretty important exercise that helps in building the 6 pack of abs. To do this exercise, you must first lie on your side and balance your body with your forearm. Keep your body straight so that your body rests on your forearm. Stay in the same position for a few seconds, then turn over on the other side.

3. Abs Crunch Machine


Using a machine is not considered good by some trainers. However, it gives you great results. Abs crunch machine is specifically used for developing these abdominal muscles. They have grab handles on each side. Focus on squeezing your rib cage while exercising on the Abs Crunch machine. Reps should be slow and focus on the abs.

4. Sit-ups with a medicine ball


It increases the toughness of the sit-ups, making them more rigorous and focused. The exercise involves holding a ball between your hands while in the starting position of a normal sit-up. Lift your body upward while holding the ball above your head. Keep your feet still and only try to move your upper body. You can include the downhill slope for better results.

5. Kneeling crunch

Kneel crunch 6 pack abs workout

If you want to do this 6 pack abs workout, you need to get your hands and knees. Move your left arm forward like you are reaching for something. At the same time, stretch your right leg outwards. In the next step, the elbow of the left arm and the right knee touch. Keep the other hand and knee stable during the exercise. Repeat the same movement with the other arm and knee.

6. Practice ball entry

Stability Ball Pull In 6 Pack Abs Workout

It is considered to be one of the best ab exercises for developing 6 pack abs. To get it right, all you have to do is lay down on the ball with the support of your hands. Extend your body until only the tops of your feet are fixed on the ball. You must develop stability to perform this exercise. Keep your back straight and pull your knees inward toward your chest. Make sure to contract your abs as much as possible.

7. Hanging knee raises

Hanging knee raises 6 pack abdominal muscle training

This exercise helps shape the lower abdomen. You need to grab a bar to perform this exercise. Keep your body straight while hanging on the bar. Keep your legs together and bend your knees towards your chest. Remain in the position for a few seconds, then slowly return to the starting position.

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8. Lunge split jacks

Lung Split Jacks 6 Pack Abs Workout

Lunge steps are considered to be the best for the lower body, but yes, they help in building the abs too. This exercise is not very difficult. To do this, you need to stand in a straight position. Bring your left leg forward and get into a split squat position. Likewise, put your right leg forward. Jump in the air and land on your left leg. Once you land to step into the split squat position.

9. Jackknife Sit Ups

Jack knife 6 pack abs workout

It is the basic workout for developing those 6 pack abs. Lie on the floor to do the exercise. Stretch your weapons and legs toward the ceiling as you lift your upper body and lower body upward. However, the middle part of the body remains fixed. Your fingertips should touch the tip of your toes. Hold the position for a few moments, then return to the starting position.

10. Bike crunches

Bike Crunch 6 Pack Abs Workout Exercises

This particular exercise is similar to a sit-up. You have to lie down on the floor. Keep your hands behind your head. Lift your torso and legs. Let your right elbow touch your left knee. Then, let your left elbow touch your right knee. Do the repetitions as often as possible.

Building a six-pack abs requires a lot of effort and patience. Practice the exercises and let me know your results.

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