Free COVID-19 Vax and Beer

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Free COVID-19 Vax and Beer

Government officials across the country are looking for innovative ways to encourage people to get COVID-19 vaccines. In Erie County, NY, the home of Buffalo, they launched a new program that combines COVID-19 vaccines with free beer. Aptly they call it "Shot and a Chaser".

The first pop-up shot and chaser clinic takes place on May 8th at the Resurgence Brewing Co. in South Buffalo. Participants can get their first dose of the Moderna vaccine in the parking lot and then purchase a drink of their choice at the brewery. At Resurgence, they can choose from beers like Cosmic Truth or McKinley's Revenge. There are 300 slots available for registration. And after that first shot and beer, people can come back four weeks later for their second dose and beer.

“We understand our voters. We know our younger constituents, in particular, need a little incentive, ”said Mark Poloncarz, executive of Erie County.

For the county, which announced its program on social media with a Homer Simpson image "MMM … BEER", this is a way to help local businesses and keep citizens healthy.

“We believe we can support our local brewers, who had a tough year last year, and get people vaccinated,” says Poloncarz.

Erie County isn't the first to offer a vaccination bonus, as companies and brands across the country are giving away everything from free Krispy Kreme donuts and Samuel Adams beer to marijuana food and vaccination card lamination.

"We just saw the state of West Virginia make a $ 100 savings bond," says Poloncarz. "Good for you."

The county has also signed up the Flying Bison Brewing Company for a vaccine popup, but no date has been set. Poloncarz says they are looking for more breweries to join a program that is perfect for the region.

“This is Buffalo. We love our beer. "

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