Finest Water Air purifier in India For Dwelling Use (How to decide on The best water Air purifier ?)

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Best Water Purifier In India For Home Use (Choosing The Right Water Purifier)

As we all know, water is extremely important to our survival, but the water we need to consume should undoubtedly be clean, safe and clear. When choosing the best water purifier, it often becomes difficult without knowing about all of the products currently available on the market and having sufficient knowledge of them. It becomes a challenging situation when new products are launched almost every day. In this article, we take an in-depth look at some of the best water purifiers and their reviews on the market today. Here are some of the best home water purifiers in India (How to Choose the Right Water Purifier?).

Best Water Purifier In India For Home Use (Choosing The Right Water Purifier)

This brand is very new to the market but has gained worldwide recognition. It is a stylish looking RO water purifier with a capacity of 6 liters and a UV filter system. It works with around 220 to 240 volts and 36 watts of power. The filter is also made of ATB technology which can effectively enhance the taste of the water. The function of multi-stage filtration is to clean the municipal water and groundwater from contaminants such as dissolved chemicals and sediments. It has an excellent filter that provides an alarm alarm called a cleaning-on indicator that can display a UV fault alarm, a full tank indicator, and a low pressure indicator. With all of these excellent properties, you can be sure of getting clean and healthy water.

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  • Kent Grand Plus water purifier

This water purifier with a capacity of eight liters has the latest technology, with the help of which the essential minerals can be reintroduced into the filtration process. The Kent Grand Plus water purifier offers patented Mineral RO technology and double water filtration. It can filter any type of water such as hard groundwater, salt water and tap water, or even the chemically treated municipal water.

The most reliable and earliest company called Eureka Forbes was one of the first to introduce water filters. Aquasure is a 6 liter water purifier with MTDS and UV. One of the added benefits of this cleaner is MTDS technology which can change the taste of water. This water purifier differs from other purifiers because of its intelligent energy-saving technology. This technology helps to turn off the electricity when the water tank is full. This in turn saves a lot of energy and saves our electricity bill.

  • Aquatec Plus water purifier

Aquatec plus is a newly established company that offers advanced plus water filters with a variety of functions. Along with the best price, it has an excellent TDS level that can handle both hard and salty water. With the help of RO technology, around 99% of chemicals, sediments, pesticides and germs can be removed from water. This powerful wall filter is also space-saving and economical to maintain.

This amazing 7 liter water purifier keeps all of the essential minerals in the water intact that make it healthy. It operates at a rate of 1500ppm and can convert tap water into safe and pure drinking water. This is an inexpensive water purifier that can guarantee clean and healthy water for every household.

  • Kent Ace mineral water purifier

Kent is one of the top selling brands of water purifier, mainly in India. While it's expensive, it's definitely worth it. It holds approximately 7 liters and comes with a storage container that uses food-grade plastic. This air purifier has a RO + UF + UV + TDS regulator for the high quality filtration process. It has the potential to remove dissolved contaminants, sediments, microbes, and harsh chemicals that can help you provide fresh and safe drinking water every time. Kent Ace is NSF and WQA certified and meets quality and safety standards after rigorous testing. This water purifier can filter water from any water source such as groundwater, municipal water, or others. The 11 watt UV lamp installed in the cleaner can provide 100% pure drinking water by deactivating the harmful microorganisms.

  • HUL Pureit 6-stage water purifier

This classic water purifier can work wonders for any home. With its 6-stage water treatment system, it can deliver great-tasting and safe drinking water. The six stages are mainly pre-sediment filtration, post-carbon sediment filtration, microfiltration, pre-RO carbon filtration, RO membrane, and post-RO carbon filtration. The hard water can be softened by the TDS regulator operating at 1800 ppm, making the water safe for consumption. The best thing about this water purifier is that you get a free installation that is hassle-free and easy.

  • Blue Star Majesto water purifier

As the name suggests, this water purifier is elegant in design and majestic in name. It differs from the other water purifiers because of its excellent properties. The advanced 6-stage cleaning process ensures healthy drinking water of the highest quality. It has two-layer RO + UV protection for contamination-free water. The carbon filter is impregnated with copper, which safely removes the dissolved chemicals and all solid contaminants.

The ruby ​​water purifier can be the best choice if your home has hard water. The AQUA PHONEIX brand has over ten years of experience in the manufacture of RO-based water purifiers. This water purifier guarantees quality at an affordable price. In this water purifier, the water is stored for drinking after 6 levels.

  • Havell's 8 liter water purifier

As we all know, Havells has been on the market for a long time and has won the trust of customers every time. So it's pretty obvious that a product from this brand is of exceptional quality. Yes, it certainly is with the Havells Max water purifier, it is not just a water purifier, but a complete package with health benefits. The additional feature of this water purifier is the mineral cartridge, which effectively corrects the pH of the purified water. The mineralizer adds natural elements to make the filtered water healthier. A revitalizer has been added to this cleaner, which helps restructure the water molecules and make them more biologically active. The 7-stage water treatment system from Havells Water Purifier ensures clean and safe drinking water.


Best water purifier in India for home use. (How to choose the right water purifier?). The above water purifiers with their amazing properties and high accuracy can meet all of your needs. Please subscribe to our YouTube channel.

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