Covid Vaccine Effort: The Push to Attain Cautious Medical Employees

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Covid Vaccine Effort: The Push to Reach Wary Medical Workers

"If that doesn't get you in line, I don't know what will," Georgia Governor Brian Kemp said last month.

Houston Methodist, a Texas hospital system with 26,000 employees, gives employees who take the vaccine a bonus of $ 500. "Vaccination is not yet mandatory for our employees (but it will be at some point)," wrote Dr. Marc Boom, the hospital's general manager, emailed staff last month.

In an interview last week, Dr. Boom, the bonuses are "one of the many strategies to get people going". He added, "I think we will get there. But I am not naive enough to believe that there are no people who are deeply resilient."

At Norton Healthcare, a healthcare system in Louisville, Kentucky, workers who refuse the vaccine and then catch Covid-19 will generally no longer be able to take the paid medical vacation Norton has been offering to infected employees since the beginning of the pandemic. Instead, unvaccinated workers will have to use their regular paid time off from next month if, with limited exceptions, they contract Covid-19.

Atlas Senior Living, which has 29 assisted living facilities and other communities in the Southeast, offers workers up to four days of extra paid time off when they are vaccinated. (Some hourly workers at Atlas had not yet paid any time off as part of their standard services.)

Atlas has tried to avoid "roging people who didn't want it" and has focused on education and the rewards of paid free time, said Scott Goldberg, Atlas co-managing director.

Juniper and Atria officials said their decision to require employees to be vaccinated was not due to widespread reluctance from their employees. Both chains make exceptions for workers who are pregnant, allergic to vaccine ingredients, or have other compelling reasons to refuse the vaccine.

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