Covid Information: How one can Get By way of the Pandemic

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Covid Guide: How to Get Through the Pandemic

While the majority of Americans don't get their shots until spring, the introduction of the vaccine is a hopeful sign of better days. We have Dr. Anthony S. Fauci and several epidemiologists and health and science writers from The Times asked about their predictions for the coming months. Here is some of what they had to say.

When can we go to the cinema or the theater?

“It depends on the uptake of the vaccine and the level of infection in the community. If you go into April, May, June and really put a press on trial and try to vaccinate everyone within a few months as you go from the second to the third quarter of the year then you could probably go to movies, go to the theater, do what they want. However, given what we hear about people's desire to be vaccinated, we are unlikely to receive this level of uptake. If it turns out that only 50 percent are vaccinated, it will be much, much longer before we get back to the normality we would like to see. "- Dr. Fauci

What did you learn from living in a pandemic?

“When I stay home with my kids, I've learned that life with fewer errands and activities to participate in is kind of nice. I think we will reduce our family obligations in the future. “- Jennifer Nuzzo, Associate Professor, Johns Hopkins

What's one thing you'll never take for granted again?

"I will not take it for granted to travel to my extended family." – Alicia Allen, Assistant Professor at the University of Arizona

Will we ever go to a big, crowded indoor party without a mask again?

"If the level of infection in the community appears to be significant, you will not have parties with friends in congregation settings. If the level of infection is so low that the risk is low, you will go back to the normal congregation, have parties, and do so. If we want to get back to normal, my message comes: if the vaccine is available, get vaccinated. ”- Dr. Fauci

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