Coronavirus Instances Surge in Arizona

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Coronavirus Cases Surge in Arizona

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Coronavirus cases are increasing in Arizona

Arizona has had the highest number of new coronavirus cases per capita in the country. A medical official said hospital systems are under "immense pressure" to keep up with the number of Covid-19 patients.

Arizona has been one of the states with the highest Covid-19 infection rate in the country for weeks. A conservative estimate assumes that around one in ten Arizonans is currently infected with the virus. Cases, hospitalizations and deaths in our state continue to increase. This week, the total number of Covid-19 deaths in Arizona topped 10,000. Our reproduction rate stays above 1.0, which means the virus is spreading faster than desired. Hospitals in the state are under immense pressure as we continue to expand capacity and adjust operations to accommodate much higher patient volumes and much higher patient acuity. Currently, 58 percent of hospital beds in Arizona are occupied by Covid-19 patients.

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