10 Completely different Sorts Of Yoga

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10 Different Types Of Yoga

World famous physical, mental and spiritual practice / discipline: Yoga has its origins in ancient India. The term yoga can be derived from Yujir Yoga (yoke) or Yuj Samadhi (concentration).

Yoga is practiced for various reasons such as stress relief, relaxation, weight loss, inner peace, and for spiritual reasons.

There are different types of yoga, so it is very important to understand which type will suit you best.

Different types of yoga

Different types of yoga

Bikram yoga

It only has 26 poses and is good for beginners. The idea behind this guy is to increase the heat until you get 105 degrees. It is also known as "hot yoga".

His 26 posture exercises systematically transport fresh, oxygenated blood to one hundred percent of your body, to every organ and every fiber, and restore all systems to a healthy operating state, just as nature intended. Proper weight, muscle tone, good health, and a sense of wellbeing will automatically follow.

Hutha Yoga

It focuses on slow and gentle movements and it is the best thing in yoga for relaxing at night. It involves a lot of breathing exercises. It can be done back from work once as it involves slow movements.

Vinyasa yoga

It is the most popular type of yoga in the United States and involves a variety of changing poses. It includes lots of sun salutations and is best for the person who likes to exercise.

Kundalini Yoga

This type acts mainly on the bast of the spine. Expect a lot of core work on your abs and spine.

Ashtanga yoga

It is also called "Power Yoga". It involves constant movement and is physically demanding.

Iyengar yoga

It is known for using props such as wooden blocks, straps, pillows, and straps. It's also good for people with physical ailments.

Anusara yoga

It focuses on looking inward and seeing the light within yourself and others. It's a great style for newbies to yoga as many of its poses allow props to be used for extra support, and there's a lot of alignment and breath work.

Relaxing yoga

As the name suggests – it helps in deep relaxation at the end of the hectic working day. Restorative yoga is usually practiced with props and involves only a handful of restorative poses that you will hold for long periods of time – but you will really connect your mind to your body. Expect more poses that open the chest area for breath work and lie down more than you would in your typical practice.

Jivamukti Yoga

It is a type of Vinyasa Yoga, so it is physically intense. As the name suggests, it means "liberation during life".

Prenatal yoga

It is the most popular type of yoga among expectant mothers. It is also good for the women who gave birth to get back in shape. It can help get rid of the pregnancy pain.

Tips: As a beginner, make sure that you don't put any strain on your body the first time you sit down. The main secret to getting maximum benefits is developing a routine.

For me, yoga taught me to love my body.

My confession: If I don't practice yoga for days, I feel bad and my mood changes. The day I return to yoga, I get inner peace and happiness. Icing on the cake: my skin is starting to glow 🙂

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